New Website: http://www.Pedretti’

You can now find Pedretti’s Party Barn at three new locations on social media:

On the web you will find us at: http://www.Pedretti’  and

On Facebook you will find us at:

Pedretti’s Party Barn has a new owner, new phone numbers, and an ALL NEW party barn that combines a charming, rustic interior with many modern upgrades and safety features. In addition there is much more seating and program space, a much-larger parking lot, heat and air conditioning, indoor restrooms, a balcony with a large projection screen, an ice machine, a new kitchen and new cooler. We have added a cook shanty next to the barn, and the landscaping has been enhanced around both the barn and Vernon Vineyards Tasting Room. The barn has a large paved patio … right next to the vineyard, a paved walk to the tasting room, and a paved program space for ceremonies.

Reservation information is available by email from or by calling us on our reservation line: 608-632-7042. You are welcome to stop by and check out our new facilities and our new look. It’s best to call ahead so to be sure we  have staff available to show you around. 608-634-6181 or 608-632-7042

Thank you for your interest in Pedretti’s Party Barn.

This website will no longer be available for comments, posting, etc. but, we look forward to your visits, photos, and correspondence at our new electronic locations.


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